Saturday Night: Potluck and Friends

Contributor: SJ

Today we all woke up in varying states of horrific hangovers with uncomfortable amounts of food still in our systems.

No one really felt like putting clothes on let alone cooking (or eating for that matter), so in lieu of a Sunday post I thought I’d put some of our Saturday night potluck pictures up.

Erin,Hilary, and I moved into a new house (sans rat infestation) and we all used it as an excuse to buy alcohol and eat…everything.

Nothing goes better with double layered chocolate cake then chicken drumsticks, nacho dip, and kale salad (and Aynsley’s interesting contribution of donuts and rose water).

Hardly any pictures of food but trust us. It was all delicious.

*also yes the pictures are all black and white because no, I can’t shoot in weird nighttime light yet. plus we are super cool and hip (ha. riiight.)



Sunday: s’more brownies

TONIGHT: Everyone wore hats (except Mollie, her coif is not hat-friendly). Discussions included: ranking of things to make out with as 1 boys 2 girls 3 chipmunks

photo 1 (1)

Contributors: Erin, Miina, Mollie, Aynsley, Margot, and Sarah-Jane…EVERYONE IS PRESENT.

Meal: Cheese toasties, s’mores brownies, and rose

photo 4 (1)         photo 1 (3)

*toasties were eaten before pictures could be taken*

“Can we all get naked?” … “again”

SJ and Margot go on an adventure for marshmallows and marshmallow fluff

photo 2 (2)       photo 3 (3)

“I’m just going to pout in my toque and nothing else until someone notices me”

Currently testing marshmallow fluff. Consensus: it’s weird and soft.

“It was too firm and zesty”


Prolonged discussion surrounding Tinder. What should be written in the “About Me” section?

“Sometimes I look through people’s pictures if they have a good dog”

photo 2 (1)

“If they’re cute and then it says SMU, science, second year, I say no”

Artists listened to: McCartney, Hilson, Cyrus and Duff among others.

Aynsley discusses her nemesis. SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED!!!

Margot has been making red velvet marshmallow brownies for us. The rest of us have been Tindering.

photo 3 (1)   photo 5   photo 3 (2)

Crisis #1: the marshmallow top is burning. brownies still have 15 minutes to go.

Solution: eat brownies semi-raw so as to not burn the marshmallows

photo 1     photo 2

“Yeah it did say that in the instructions but fuck the police”

“Is this what you learn at NSCAD?”

“that’s not going on the blog but I wish it could…”

“Guys I have a theory: all girls with curly hair have good butts”

“you guys are so useful” #blessed

“why would Kieran want that? HE’S A MAN”

“Yeah, that has girl all over that”

Lots of sugar induced and inappropriate chatter today. Bottom line: s’mores brownies don’t really work but the molten mess was completely devoured from the pan. Now we are all uncomfortably clutching our stomachs.

Goodnight Moon.

Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookies

Contributor: Aynsley (Miina was here and served the purpose of taste tester BUT THAT’S HARDLY CONTRIBUTING SO THIS IS MY MOMENT OKAY)

With fall weather settling in here on the East Coast, two things come immediately to mind: 1) I can stop pretending I like exercise and slap some tights over my thigh jiggle and no one is the wiser, and 2) pumpkin.

On a side note, Miina recently made some muffins that were flawed but still good in that they contained both pumpkin and raisins which are two things high on my list of what I’d take to a deserted island. Steak spice and honey crisp apples are on that list too.

The chill in the air and the small pile of books I must attend to forced me to make these cookies.

And they’re healthysortof!

I based them off this sparkpeople recipe:( and substituted clove for nutmeg.

photo 1 photo 2photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I also experimented with topping them with either honey or brown sugar. Both are good – I am an equal opportunity snacker. My stomach is the UN when it comes to sweet things of any variety.

These are great. I recommend some chai tea to go with them or a pumpkin space latte if you wanna go BALLS OUT for autumn. Go on, don’t be afraid.

Sorry for ugly lighting it’s night time thanks

Sometimes You Just Need a Pizza Pocket

Todays contributors: Erin with a guest appearance by Hilary

Meal Prepared: Holy Cheesus Pizza Pokets

Like Sarah-Jane, this morning was a rough one. After a weird sleepy day and a pasta kitchen disaster involving an inflamed noodle, I decided to cut my losses and accept defeat. The answer to my woes came to me in a conversation with Hilary as we were talking about all the things we needed to get done this week.
“We just need to make pizza pockets!”

And so, here we are. Blogging about my adventure with pizza pockets because sometimes happiness comes in the form of processed cheese and tomato sauce wrapped in frozen pastry.

Sweet cheesy delight

Sweet cheesy delight

Pro-tip: When without a microwave, cook in the oven. And when with an unruly oven place fork inside pizza pocket and touch it with your finger. If it’s warm, it’s ready!

2014-09-24 18.51.00

And finally after wondering how I got here, I saw this photo and it all made sense:


Stay tuned this weekend for an actual scrumptious meal that is far more superior than my sad little pizza pockets.

SJ’s solo adventure into poached eggs

Today’s contributor: Sarah-Jane

Meal prepared: Jamie Oliver’s Poached Eggs 

I woke up this morning not feeling amazing and started eating a bag of mini eggs (because obviously that will help right?) sifting through glorious pictures on pinterest of more exciting breakfast options.

The perfect poached egg has always alluded me. They either fell apart immediately in a sad wispy mess in the pot or were too hard or too soft or a million other things that poached eggs should not be. I saw the recipe online and decided to try one more time and thank god I did because today they were perfection!

poachedeggs          poachedeggs

Look at those babies!

To be fair there were still some wispy bits in the pot but one step at a time here.

Apparently the key is simmering water with a pinch of sea salt rather than boiling water.

Other tips in this recipe I haven’t seen in others is boiling water in the kettle and then transferring it to a pot to simmer for the perfect temp. Also cracking your egg in a cup first to help with a smooth transition to the pot.

I find a lot of Jamie Oliver’s basic recipes (like roast chicken for example) to be really helpful with little things beginners like me wouldn’t even think of.

I wasn’t thinking of blogging today but then I saw how beautiful they were and immediately took a couple snaps to show off to Miina and my mum…and my grandfather. And now the internet because I am damn proud of those delicious gooey little eggs.


I put mine on toast with old cheddar and heirloom tomato. I’m already looking forward to trying them on avocado toast later this week.

stay tuned for some cookies and an updated “about” page later tonight/ an excuse for us all to eat cookies and avoid reading

About the blog

We like to eat and talk a lot about everything and anything. What gives us the right to impose our incessant chatter on the internet you ask? We’re millennials full of self-importance and an over zealous love of instagram.

Trying to fake make our way through fourth year at university we wanted a space to document what has become a pretty well weekly brunch tradition in the past three years (and all of our less classy adventures during the other six days a week). We also needed a reason to not become hermits as the east coast winter sets in and school speeds up.

Sunday, September 21st. Inaugural meeting and eating of things.

Today’s contributors: Miina, Erin, Sarah-Jane, Aynsley

Meal prepared: Londoner’s “Sweet Corn Fritters w/ Bacon and Guac” (>) but had no milk for the fritter batter so yoghurt+water+hope is pretty much the same thing. Also chili powder instead of paprika because no one tells us what to do.

guacone bitefinished productcoffeeblogging professionalMiinz


Miina is very into this one:

Aynsley came in just in time to eat and made herself useful only in the technological launch of the blog itself: “You come in with your fancy shoes and your fancy shower caddy…..!”

Everyone had a pleasant but sleepy weekend – September proves to be expensive and stressful.

“You’ve made it in life when you can buy expensive sheets”

Ayns and SJ discuss places to move in which people are blonde.