Sunday, September 21st. Inaugural meeting and eating of things.

Today’s contributors: Miina, Erin, Sarah-Jane, Aynsley

Meal prepared: Londoner’s “Sweet Corn Fritters w/ Bacon and Guac” (>) but had no milk for the fritter batter so yoghurt+water+hope is pretty much the same thing. Also chili powder instead of paprika because no one tells us what to do.

guacone bitefinished productcoffeeblogging professionalMiinz


Miina is very into this one:

Aynsley came in just in time to eat and made herself useful only in the technological launch of the blog itself: “You come in with your fancy shoes and your fancy shower caddy…..!”

Everyone had a pleasant but sleepy weekend – September proves to be expensive and stressful.

“You’ve made it in life when you can buy expensive sheets”

Ayns and SJ discuss places to move in which people are blonde.


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