SJ’s solo adventure into poached eggs

Today’s contributor: Sarah-Jane

Meal prepared: Jamie Oliver’s Poached Eggs 

I woke up this morning not feeling amazing and started eating a bag of mini eggs (because obviously that will help right?) sifting through glorious pictures on pinterest of more exciting breakfast options.

The perfect poached egg has always alluded me. They either fell apart immediately in a sad wispy mess in the pot or were too hard or too soft or a million other things that poached eggs should not be. I saw the recipe online and decided to try one more time and thank god I did because today they were perfection!

poachedeggs          poachedeggs

Look at those babies!

To be fair there were still some wispy bits in the pot but one step at a time here.

Apparently the key is simmering water with a pinch of sea salt rather than boiling water.

Other tips in this recipe I haven’t seen in others is boiling water in the kettle and then transferring it to a pot to simmer for the perfect temp. Also cracking your egg in a cup first to help with a smooth transition to the pot.

I find a lot of Jamie Oliver’s basic recipes (like roast chicken for example) to be really helpful with little things beginners like me wouldn’t even think of.

I wasn’t thinking of blogging today but then I saw how beautiful they were and immediately took a couple snaps to show off to Miina and my mum…and my grandfather. And now the internet because I am damn proud of those delicious gooey little eggs.


I put mine on toast with old cheddar and heirloom tomato. I’m already looking forward to trying them on avocado toast later this week.

stay tuned for some cookies and an updated “about” page later tonight/ an excuse for us all to eat cookies and avoid reading