Sometimes You Just Need a Pizza Pocket

Todays contributors: Erin with a guest appearance by Hilary

Meal Prepared: Holy Cheesus Pizza Pokets

Like Sarah-Jane, this morning was a rough one. After a weird sleepy day and a pasta kitchen disaster involving an inflamed noodle, I decided to cut my losses and accept defeat. The answer to my woes came to me in a conversation with Hilary as we were talking about all the things we needed to get done this week.
“We just need to make pizza pockets!”

And so, here we are. Blogging about my adventure with pizza pockets because sometimes happiness comes in the form of processed cheese and tomato sauce wrapped in frozen pastry.

Sweet cheesy delight

Sweet cheesy delight

Pro-tip: When without a microwave, cook in the oven. And when with an unruly oven place fork inside pizza pocket and touch it with your finger. If it’s warm, it’s ready!

2014-09-24 18.51.00

And finally after wondering how I got here, I saw this photo and it all made sense:


Stay tuned this weekend for an actual scrumptious meal that is far more superior than my sad little pizza pockets.


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