Vegan Pumpkin Molasses Cookies

Contributor: Aynsley (Miina was here and served the purpose of taste tester BUT THAT’S HARDLY CONTRIBUTING SO THIS IS MY MOMENT OKAY)

With fall weather settling in here on the East Coast, two things come immediately to mind: 1) I can stop pretending I like exercise and slap some tights over my thigh jiggle and no one is the wiser, and 2) pumpkin.

On a side note, Miina recently made some muffins that were flawed but still good in that they contained both pumpkin and raisins which are two things high on my list of what I’d take to a deserted island. Steak spice and honey crisp apples are on that list too.

The chill in the air and the small pile of books I must attend to forced me to make these cookies.

And they’re healthysortof!

I based them off this sparkpeople recipe:( and substituted clove for nutmeg.

photo 1 photo 2photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I also experimented with topping them with either honey or brown sugar. Both are good – I am an equal opportunity snacker. My stomach is the UN when it comes to sweet things of any variety.

These are great. I recommend some chai tea to go with them or a pumpkin space latte if you wanna go BALLS OUT for autumn. Go on, don’t be afraid.

Sorry for ugly lighting it’s night time thanks


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