Sunday: s’more brownies

TONIGHT: Everyone wore hats (except Mollie, her coif is not hat-friendly). Discussions included: ranking of things to make out with as 1 boys 2 girls 3 chipmunks

photo 1 (1)

Contributors: Erin, Miina, Mollie, Aynsley, Margot, and Sarah-Jane…EVERYONE IS PRESENT.

Meal: Cheese toasties, s’mores brownies, and rose

photo 4 (1)         photo 1 (3)

*toasties were eaten before pictures could be taken*

“Can we all get naked?” … “again”

SJ and Margot go on an adventure for marshmallows and marshmallow fluff

photo 2 (2)       photo 3 (3)

“I’m just going to pout in my toque and nothing else until someone notices me”

Currently testing marshmallow fluff. Consensus: it’s weird and soft.

“It was too firm and zesty”


Prolonged discussion surrounding Tinder. What should be written in the “About Me” section?

“Sometimes I look through people’s pictures if they have a good dog”

photo 2 (1)

“If they’re cute and then it says SMU, science, second year, I say no”

Artists listened to: McCartney, Hilson, Cyrus and Duff among others.

Aynsley discusses her nemesis. SHE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED!!!

Margot has been making red velvet marshmallow brownies for us. The rest of us have been Tindering.

photo 3 (1)   photo 5   photo 3 (2)

Crisis #1: the marshmallow top is burning. brownies still have 15 minutes to go.

Solution: eat brownies semi-raw so as to not burn the marshmallows

photo 1     photo 2

“Yeah it did say that in the instructions but fuck the police”

“Is this what you learn at NSCAD?”

“that’s not going on the blog but I wish it could…”

“Guys I have a theory: all girls with curly hair have good butts”

“you guys are so useful” #blessed

“why would Kieran want that? HE’S A MAN”

“Yeah, that has girl all over that”

Lots of sugar induced and inappropriate chatter today. Bottom line: s’mores brownies don’t really work but the molten mess was completely devoured from the pan. Now we are all uncomfortably clutching our stomachs.

Goodnight Moon.


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